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Federation of Catholic School Communities

The Federation of Catholic School Parent Communities Newsletter

The Federation of Catholic School Communities was established by parents for parents and exists to serve the vibrant and engaged parent communities in our SA Catholic schools.

The Federation, as we are commonly referred to, provides an active voice for families with children and young people in South Australian Catholic schools and:

  • Advocates for the right of parents and caregivers to choose a Catholic education for their child;
  • Encourages and supports active and constructive parent and family engagement in learning and schooling;
  • Promotes and supports Catholic education;
  • Builds valuable partnerships between families, schools and Catholic education SA  and;
  • Contributes to the shaping of educational policy and practice.

You are invited to do all or one of the following:

By being our ‘friend’ and following us on Facebook or subscribing to our data base you will:

  • Connect directly with the work of the Federation;
  • Receive information about current and relevant issues in education;
  • Participate in any surveys or online forums so your voice can be heard;
  • Have access to a wealth of resources and information to support you to support your child’s learning.

Be connected. Be informed. Be heard.