Building Project

3D Fly Through

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Building Project 2019

The purpose of this page is to keep Star of the Sea community members updated and informed with the 2019 Building Project.

Here you will find photos, plans and FAQs that will be updated with the progression of building works when there are new and relevant developments in the project.

We are looking forward to sharing this information with you.  

There will also be 'static' displays in the school grounds that will be updated for parents as they visit the school.

Questions regarding the build can be sent to  


Building Project FAQ's

Building update

Dear Parents,

Partek Contructions have been awarded the Stage 1 Building contract which will incorporate the new Multi-Purpose Room, Music Room, disability lift, Atrium and refurbished corridors and classrooms in the MacKillop Building. As of yesterday the building safety fences were erected and demolition and escavation will commence very soon.

When we return from the Term 3 holidays, our new school buildings will be under construction. In order to prepare for construction, please note the following:

• Traffic flow on Military Road and Seaview Road will remain the same, however, I ask you to be aware that from time to time there may be diruptions due to building deliveries. We will endeavour to keep this to a minimum. I do stress the importance of not blocking the entry drives on Military Road and Seaview Road during drop off and pick up times.

• The safety fences have  caused restricted thoroughfares in certain areas of the school and as a result the usual waiting spots or meeting places may be out of bounds.  Please wait away from entrances and high traffic areas so the children can move without congestion. Can you please let grandparents know about these changes.

• The coloured hardcourts will be used for construction offices and equipment. We have lost considerable play space and so we will monitor recess and lunch play to ensure the children are not adversely affected by the restrictions.

I appreciate this work will cause some difficulties, however, we are excited for the changes that will be made to enhance our buildings and facilities for all children into the future. The projected timeline for our project is from June, 2019 to Frebruary 2020. This finish date does not take into account weather delays etc.

Overall this is an exciting time for the school and the end results will be of immense benefit for the children. Last term Matt Perry provided responses to some questions regarding the building program. These can be accessed on the school web site at

Should you have any issues relating to the building please don’t hesitate to contact me at school. I will keep families up to date with regular reports on construction progress in the months ahead.


Joe De Tullio


In the new building that is two storeys, there will be a

  • Multipurpose space which includes room for functions and events, (seating for 120 people)
  • Music Suite, as well as storage facilities (Ground Floor)
  • On the second floor there will be 3 new classrooms for Reception students
  • An ‘atrium space’ that will cater for groups of students to work and parents to gather in the mornings
  • This space will also have some spaces for ESO’s to work with students and provide a ‘breakout space’ for classes to differentiate learning in during the school day
  • It also includes widening of corridors in the MacKillop Building with direct linkages to both the new two storey building and the existing McAuley

The building project is being funded by, the school’s own funds and a loan from the Catholic Development Fund. School fees will be adjusted as per the Catholic Education SA requirements, annually and communicated to the community.

The courts will be covered with geo matting and rubble to protect the surface from damage and once the building project has been completed the matting will be lifted. In other project at other schools, this process has been very successful with minimal damage to the hard-court area.


The building site will be completely cordoned off from the school grounds and Builders’ entry and deliveries will only occur through the double gates on Military Rd or cordoned off points of entry. No interaction between the children and the construction site will take place and the chosen builder will provide the necessary Police clearance documents, with a job health and safety analysis.

The building project will take until late January 2020/early February 2020 to complete.

Nature play, the oval, the MDC and the Library will be available at recess and lunch times for students to use. 

Building deliveries will be staggered through the day to allow for our regular drop off and pick up times. Building access will be via the double gates on Military Rd. Deliveries will be halted between approx. 8.15am and 9.00am and approx. 2.30pm and 3.30pm

To minimise the disruption to children’s learning, major construction involving noise and dust will be scheduled outside of school hours. There will be some ‘normal construction noise’ such as cranes and excavators.

The only classroom to be relocated during the building process will be the Music Room. The current transportable Music Room will be relocated to the Marine Discovery Centre carpark in the April School holiday break. It will remain there until the building project is completed in January-February 2020

The lift will be primarily for those parents and visitors to our school who require access to upper sections of the Mackillop building and are unable to use the stairs. Those parents with prams will be able to access the lift. Students who have mobility challenges and the moving of furniture or heavy equipment will also occur in the lift. Children will still be encouraged to use the stairs to remain physically active.

No interaction between the children and workers and vice versa; secured site fencing; police clearances; register of visitors; construction company to have a job health and safety analysis and plan; separate site entry point for workers.

Update: Stage 1 Building Project

Timeframe: Week 11 of Term 1 through the Term 1 holiday break

During this stage works will include Site Offices and Builders’ Parking occupying the hard court area of the school. Geo matting and rubble will be laid to protect the court surface as much as possible.  This will remain in place for the duration of the building process. In the first Week of the Term 1 holiday break, the current transportable Music room will be relocated to the South Western corner of the MDC carpark. Music lessons will operate out of the Innovation Space while the Transportable Music room is ‘reassembled’. 

Gallery - Stage 1

More updates on various stages of project continues after gallery.

Update: Stage 2 Building Project

Timeframe: Late April through to January 2020

During ‘Stage 2, construction of a walkway and lift will be completed. These two parts of the build will allow access from the floor (hard-courts level) to the first and second level of the Mackillop Building. On the court level of this new build (facing Military RD) will be a Multipurpose Space and Music Suite. The second level which will face the Mercy Convent building will comprise of three Junior Primary classroom spaces. 

Update Stage 3 Building Project

Timeframe: Late April through to 2020

Stage 3: The Atrium Space that will connect the “New Building’ and the Mercy Convent will provide a space for breakout learning for the new Junior Primary classroom Spaces. This atrium space will also provide space for groups of children to work in small groups and independently. Parents and children will access the Mercy Convent Building via the Atrium once the building process is completed. The atrium space will also allow for Educational Support Officers to work with students in small groups. 

Update Stage 4 Building Project

The final Stage of the building process will see a widening of the corridor spaces in the Mackillop Building. This will allow for increased pedestrian traffic flow at peak times of the school day and provide for wider ‘breakout spaces’ for the classrooms on the first and second floors.       

Timeframe: Throughout the building timeline at times that minimise disruption to classes and school timetables. Eg. Where possible, holiday breaks

More detailed staging of the building process will be available as the Building Tender process is finalised and we receive accurate projections from the builder. We will keep the school community informed as information comes to hand and of course changes will be witnessed firsthand as parents and community members come to school.