In just over 100 years, our school evolved from a small convent to a vibrant community with state-of-the-art facilities.

Star of the Sea School, the first Catholic School in Henley Beach, was opened by the Sisters of Mercy in December 1912 on the site of the present school’s playing area. At the beginning of the following year 10 students began their education,  in the small cottage known as “Star of the Sea”. By 1916 the number of  students had increased and high school facilities were added.  

By 1921 tenders were submitted to build a convent and school.  Plans were drawn and building commenced.  

On February 16 1922 Archbishop Spence laid the foundation stone  for the convent. The convent was situated at the current site of the  new classroom redevelopment. By 1960 the number of students  enrolled had increased to 300. A new building consisting of six large classrooms, wide balcony, an undercroft and corridor were constructed.

On March 20 1960 His Grace Archbishop Beovich blessed the new building on the northern side of the property.  In 1969 The Mother Provincial  notified the community that the High School would be phased out over the next  two years. In 1986 the Sisters of Mercy requested that Star of the Sea School become part of the Catholic School System. The school then became the Parish Primary School. No other building works were undertaken  until 1989 when a new administration block was built facing Military Road.

In 1992 Sr Rosemary Day, a Sister of Mercy, completed her term as Principal.  

In 1998 the parish purchased the convent from the Sisters of Mercy to enable further redevelopment of the  school to take place.  

By 2000 the convent redevelopment had been completed.  It was officially opened on November 3 by the Director of Catholic Education, Mr Allan Dooley.  

"Drawing inspiration from the values of the Gospel we strive to be loyal to the best values of our Catholic tradition and to the call of the communities in which we serve."

Sisters of Mercy


The Religious Order of the Sisters of Mercy (MSC) was founded by Catherine McAuley in Ireland in 1831.

The Sisters came to Australia and commenced teaching in the Adelaide Archdiocese in 1880.  

The Sisters of Mercy remain a part of our community - we have had the involvement of MSC priests for 98 of the 100 years our school has been in operation.