School Hours 2018

Start End Time/Duration Purpose
8.30am 8.50am   Yard supervision begins
8.50am 9.10am 20mins Morning Admin
9.10am 9.55am 45mins Lesson 1
9.55am 10.40am 45mins Lesson 2
10.40am 11.00am 20mins Recess
11.00am 11.45am 45mins Lesson 3
11.45am 12.30pm 45mins Lesson 4
12.30pm 12.40pm 10mins (supervised lunch eating)  
12.40pm 1.10pm 30mins Lunch Play R-5
1.10pm 1.40pm 30mins Eating and Lunch Play Yr6/7
1.10pm 1.55pm 45mins Lesson 5
1.55pm 2.40pm 45mins Lesson 6
2.40pm 3.00pm 20mins End of day admin and pack up