Vision and mission

We have a new vision for a new century, which draws from our history and tradition but also paves the way for our education into the 21st century.

Our vision statement has four key areas:

  • Religious
    • Valuing and espousing the Catholic identity of the school.
    • Nurturing the faith journey of students, staff and the school community.
    • Building a strong connection with the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart charism and the parish community of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart.
  • Education
    • Supporting a team of passionate and professional staff to deliver a progressive, creative and contemporary curriculum.
    • Empowering and promoting resilience, identity and interdependence in students.
    • Providing leadership and an innovative curriculum in environmental education.
  • Community
    • Developing relationships and a strong sense of an inclusive culture through respecting, valuing and celebrating the unique gifts of all.
    • Providing opportunities to develop powerful partnerships between staff and parents/care givers that will enhance student learning and well being.
    • Reaching out to the wider community to support others and to seek support.
  • Structures
    • Creating a safe, caring, forward thinking, and aesthetically pleasing learning environment.
    • Developing and implementing sound policies, programs and practices that are underpinned by a sense of social justice and stewardship.
    • Acting proactively to ensure the school remains relevant and resourced into the future.