Catholic Education South Australia

Our School

We are a Catholic school that welcomes over 500 children and their families.

We are a school whose children are curious, competent and capable learners.

Our children bring with them the unique identities of their family and in sharing their history, culture, values, thoughts, ideas and opinions, they make our school what it is; a warm, welcoming, safe place of challenge and wonder.

School hours

8:20am: Yard supervision begins

8:50am: Lesson 1

9:35am: Lesson 2

10:20am: Lesson 3

11:05am - 11.25am Recess

11:25am: Lesson 4

12:10pm: Lesson 5

12:55pm: Lunch Eating

1:05pm- 1:35pm: Lunch Play

1.35pm: Lesson 6

2:20pm: Lesson 7

Dismissal: 3:05pm

After School Teacher on duty: 3:05-3:25pm