Our values and vision

Our values

We are a strong Catholic community and we constantly look for ways we can put our faith into action. Our school is built on the core values of respect, inclusivity, compassion, collaboration and honesty.

We support our families as the first and foremost educators of their child’s faith development, and in partnership with Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Parish at Henley Beach, all students participate in Religious Education lessons and sacramental programs that develop their understanding of who they are and their relationship with God.

As a school we acknowledge God’s presence in our lives and celebrate liturgies each term within class and in whole school celebrations. We invite our wider community, parents and caregivers to share in all liturgical celebrations, building a strong foundation for our Eucharistic community to flourish.

Our vision

Our vision paves the way for our education for the 21st century but also draws from our history and tradition.

At Star of the Sea we guide our learners to be self managed, innovative and critical thinkers who have a strong sense of who they are and their relationship in their world. We value the skills necessary to build meaningful relationships and to be connected to their learning. We encourage our learners to question, explore and discover so they actively contribute to a more compassionate society.