Enrolment Process

When will my child start School and Mid Year intakes

All enrolments to Star of the Sea school follow our enrolment procedure and are assessed by the Principal.

At Star of Sea School we offer a Term 3 Reception intake. 

The mid-year enrolment will enable children turning five between May 1 and October 31 to begin school in term 3.  These students will complete six terms of Reception.  This intake, is in addition to the regular intake at the beginning of the year (where students complete a full year in Reception).

Children who turn five on or after November 1 will commence Reception the following year.

Our enrolment calculator will help you work out the year your child will commence in each year level of their schooling by entering the year of their birth.

When should I apply?

Applications for Reception entry should be made 2 and half years before your child is due to start school as demand for places is high. 

Places for children in other year levels do arise from time to time. Please contact the School Registrar on 8115 7412 to inquire if there are vacancies. If there are no current vacancies in your child’s year level we will put them on a waiting list and contact you for an interview as soon as we have a vacancy.

How enrolment works

  1. Following your inquiry (which may be submitted by email, phone, letter or personally), we will provide you with an Application for Enrolment Form and accompanying letter. You can download an Application for Enrolment form (see below) or request an enrolment and prospectus to be sent out to you.
  2. Once you have submitted your Application for Enrolment with the $55 enrolment fee, we will send you an acknowledgement letter with receipt for the enrolment fee. 
  3. We then assess all applications in light of our enrolment criteria.
  4. We will then arrange an interview with your family and our Principal.
  5. Following these interviews, offers of placement are made formally through an Offer of Enrolment letter.
  6. Families are then asked to complete and return the Acceptance Document to us together with a $200 Enrolment Deposit Fee (non-refundable), this will confirm your placement.
  7. Before your child starts their journey at Star of the Sea School, we will provide you with more information about parent meetings, uniform and orientation days.
  8. Families not accepted are also advised by letter. 

Please phone 8115 7400 for more information or email vandrews@star.catholic.edu.au.