An application for Enrolment form can be obtained from the School Registrar and needs to be completed and returned with the $55 enrolment fee. This fee is non-refundable and per student.

If you lodge an application after the closing date, you may still complete the form and have your child’s name added to the wait list. If positions become available and the School is in a position to contact the next name on the wait list, we will proceed to do so..

Early enrolment is always recommended as it can be difficult to foresee what the demand for a particular year. Star of the Sea enrols and interviews children two years in advance. Please note enrolment does not guarantee a placement.

Yes. Your child will have priority access to St Michael’s College providing the St Michael’s enrolment conditions are met.

Star of the Sea students also have priority access to Nazareth College, St Mary’s College, St Aloysius and CBC among others and in compliance with their enrolment criteria.

Yes at Star of Sea has Reception intake in Term 3. 

The mid-year enrolment will enable children turning five between May 1 and October 31 to begin school in third term.  These students will complete six terms of Reception.  This intake, is in addition to the regular intake at the beginning of the year (where students complete a full year in Reception).

Children who turn five on or after November 1 will commence Reception the following year.

While many of our students are brought up in a traditional Catholic family, many families are supported and committed to children educated in Christian environment that strongly encourages the basic family values of kindness, respect and compassion.

As a Catholic school, we pride ourselves on being inclusive of all cultural, religious and economic backgrounds.

To ensure that students starting in Reception receive the smoothest transition possible in to our school, Our Early Years teachers visit pre-schools the term before the child commences school. This gives the child a chance to meet the teacher in their environment prior to their first day at Star of the sea. This also assists teachers to gather any important information from pre-school/kindergarten teachers that can assist your child in the transition to school and aid in their learning.

Star of the Sea also offers a transition to school program called “Little Stars”. Children who have been accepted to Star of the Sea School in Reception are invited to attend Little Stars. Little Stars is a 2.5 hours transition to school program that starts two terms before your child commences school. The Little Stars Transition Program is staffed by a qualified teacher and Education Support Officer. The program is uniquely designed to enhance learning.

We also hold a parent information evening to provide parents with all the information they may need and answer any questions they may have.

Children entering Star of the Sea in other year levels at various times of the year are also supported to assist them in transitioning to our school. We have orientation visit and meet the teacher mornings.

Currently at Star of the Sea we do not have any composite multi year level classes. However, on occasions where numbers dictate that we need to have composite classes, we find they really work in our school community.

Our research and experience tells us that all classes are composite classes. There is no class that is full of children at the same level and who all require the same things. Each class contains a range of ages, abilities, personalities and maturity levels.

Parents concerned about composite classes should be reassured that learning at Star of the Sea school occurs individually, in small groups and as a whole class. Engaged students will learn whether the class is structured by age, grade, ability of as some form composite class.

Students transition in Year 7 to secondary school. 

Star of the Sea school is Reception to Year 6 School. A majority of Star of the Sea student attend St Michaels College in Year 7.

Class sizes of 25 children in Reception – Year 1 and 29 children from Year 2-7. From time to time there may be the need to increase classes by one or two children. When this occurs, class affected receive additional ESO support.

Star of the Sea school is a non – government Catholic school and therefore does not receive full government funding. The school relies on the payment of School Fees to cover all operational costs therefore allowing us to continue our delivery of excellence in primary school education.

School fees are inclusive of Tuition Fees, ICT Levy, Excursion Levy, Building and Maintenance Levy.

Families seeking a Star of the Sea education are most welcome to visit the school for a tour.

Please contact click on the following link to make a booking.

Each student must have their own application form for enrolment.

Star of the Sea School does not zone students. Please refer to the Selection Criteria for student applications.
If your child is not successful for first round interviews, you will have the option of adding their name to the wait list for future consideration. Please note that this does not guarantee a place.


  • Enrolment application (containing all signatures)
  • Birth certificate
  • Baptism certificate
  • A copy of child’s passport if the student is born overseas and is not an Australian citizen
  • Copy of the Visa if student is not a Citizen
  • Court Orders or custodial orders (if applicable)
  • Special need reports (Occupational Therapy reports, Psychological Assessments)

If Court Orders/Custodial Orders are in place, a copy of either document is required to accompany the application form. If one party is not in favour of lodging an application form for their child but the other party is, then the matter needs to be resolved outside of the School. The School will not get involved in family matters.

In the event of accepting an enrolment position at the School, the enrolment contract must be signed by both parties i.e. the legal guardians of the student. If only one parent signs the contract, then that parent will be solely liable for the tuition fees at the School.