Your child's safety

We have a strong anti-bullying culture at Star of the Sea.  We protect our students with a pro-active approach that deals with bullying, harassment and educating students about appropriate behaviour.

Each class holds workshops on the topic of anti-bullying.  These workshops also help children build resilience to empower them to manage situations, restore relationships and become strong advocates for themselves and others around them.We regularly conduct informal surveys with students to ensure we are monitoring the safety of all students while at school.

Our senior staff leaders and teachers are committed to providing a safe environment for our students, giving their personal attention when required to ensure all children are comfortable during their time at Star of the Sea.


We are a technology-rich school and cyber citizenship is an important feature of our programs.

With this technology comes the responsibility for teaching children about cybersafety, which has become one of the major issues for families in schools around the world.

We approach cyberstafety through education - teaching children, parents and carers about how they can keep safe in digital world.  We teach children about their rights and responsibilities online.

Keeping children safe online is a joint responsibility of our school and your family.  We can also provide advice for parents and caregivers so they can ensure their children are safe when online at home.