From the Principal


Dear Parents and Friends,

Last Wednesday you will have received a letter from Dr Neil McGoran informing the school community of the appointment of Mr Damian Weeks as the Principal of Star of the Sea commencing Term 3. I have known Damian for many years, and I welcome his appointment. Damian is an experienced leader in Catholic Education SA and is currently Principal of Rosary School, Prospect where he has been an influential leader for the past 10 years. Damian is well respected in the Catholic School system and I know he is passionate about teaching and learning, and building community is important to him. Rest assured Star of the Sea will be in good hands! My only regret is that he is a Crows supporter.

Damian has been in and around the school several times since his appointment and you will most likely see us walking around the school in the weeks ahead. I know you will make him feel welcome and give him your support and assistance as he settles into the school next term.

It is not an easy task entering a school community as a new leader halfway through a year. I know this feeling as I have done it several times in my career. So here are my top three tips to you as parents as you welcome Damian and get to know him.

  • First, be kind. He is new and he may need an adjustment period. There will be changes and you will be watching to see how he is going to run things. Please give him space and latitude as he gets to know our children and you. Allow him to figure out the dynamics of Star of the Sea School. There are many powerful things about SOTS, and he will need time to get to know how things operate.
  • Second, allow him to find his way.  Damian will have his vision for Star of the Sea, and he will share it with you, I know him as someone who has convictions.  With time Damian will fit in beautifully with the community and in time he will call Star of the Sea home.  
  • Third, I know Damian will make it about the children and he is eager to learn their names.  Damian has said he wants to get to know them and he has already made himself visible, having visited classrooms twice since his appointment. It is important he has time with the kids and staff before he spends time with you as parents. Be patient.

These last few weeks have been somewhat strange as the reality of my departure sinks in. I have been cleaning out my office, it is astonishing what one accumulates over 43 years of teaching. So, it has been a very different feeling as I have been throwing things away knowing I will never have the need to use them again.

Please know that in the weeks ahead, Star of the Sea School continues to have my commitment, energy and care. It is good to now know who will be taking over the reins and I will be helping Damian as much as I can to ensure he has a great start.

First Semester Reports
The teachers have been very busy writing their learning summaries for the first semester. The reports will be sent home on Thursday 2nd July. As always, I encourage parents to read the report with their children and to take time to highlight and encourage those areas of growth and successful learning. It is also important to discuss those areas that need further development and to set goals for Term 3 and 4. Please speak with your child’s teacher should you need clarification or additional information. There will be another opportunity for interviews in Term 3.

Staff News
This week is Jess Maresca’s last week as she heads off to prepare for the birth of her second child. It is with heartfelt gladness that we wish Jess, Matt and Esther much love and joy on the safe arrival of their new baby. I know the Year 1DM class will be waiting expectantly for the news in coming weeks.

We would also like to welcome Alexandra Curtis to the Out of School Hours team. Alexandra has been employed as the Assistant OSHC Director and will be helping Laura Artis with the operation of OSHC and Vac Care. Warm wishes and welcome on-board Alexandra.

Vacation Care Filling Fast
As always, our Vacation Care is very popular. As you may be aware, we are obliged to open our Vacation Care to all in the local community. Consequently, our Vac Care fills very quickly, and numbers are very tight. Please book a place urgently if you need this service during the holidays.

School Concludes on Friday 3rd July
This will be a full day at school. School resumes for Term 3 on Tuesday 21st July. Monday will be a pupil free day when the staff will be attending their annual retreat day at the Josephite Centre, Kensington. Vacation Care will be available for families needing the service.

Enjoy the weekend ahead! The football is back – Go Power!
Joe De Tullio