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Wed 14 Nov, 2018
Come along to hear your children sing a variety of Christmas carols, you will be fully entertained. ...
Wed 26 Sep, 2018
“Communion opens and unites us to all those who are one in Jesus Christ. Here is the wonder of...

Learning & Well Being

We believe that from the moment of birth, children are searching for knowledge and meaning, seeking to understand their world and finding meaningful relationships within it.

That’s what your child will experience at Star of the Sea School at Henley Beach.

At Star of the Sea School we proudly implement a contemporary primary curriculum which is strongly influenced by a healthy environmental beach lifestyle.

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Enrolling at Star of the Sea is a simple process and we are here to help you understand how your family can join our school.


Star of the Sea is a vibrant school community that is more than just a learning environment.

The heart of our school beats with the contributions of our families.

At the heart of your child's time at Star of the Sea school is their learning journey.


Contact Us

333 Military Road
Henley Beach South Australia 5022

Phone: (08) 8115 7400