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Grandparents Day RSVP 3 May 2019

Thu 4 Apr, 2019

Grandparents and Special Friends' Day Friday 10 May 2019 at Star of the Sea School.


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Building Project

Fri 22 Mar, 2019

Our Building Project continues to progress with a lot of work being completed behind the scenes with Architects, Engineers and Design Consultants. I have attached some photographs with shaded areas of our school indicating the building stages and the areas of the school effected with a time projection. As I mentioned in previous newsletters part of the school will have restricted access and other parts of the school will be 'no access' area at various times. We will plan for play spaces, pedestrian traffic flow and toileting where appropriate. Works that involve major disruption to school life will be aimed to be completed during school holiday breaks. Main entrance to the building site will be from Military Rd double gates. Deliveries to the building site will be staggered to allow for drop off and pick up times along Military Rd.

During this stage works will include Site Offices and Builders’ Parking occupying the hard court area of the school. Geo matting and rubble will be laid to protect the court surface as much as possible.  This will remain in place for the duration of the building process. In the first Week of the Term 1 holiday break, the current transportable Music room will be relocated to the South Western corner of the MDC carpark. Music lessons will operate out of the Innovation Space while the Transportable Music room is ‘reassembled’. Timeframe: Week 11 of Term 1 through the Term 1 holiday break.

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From the Acting Principal

Thu 14 Mar, 2019

Hello friends

We are officially into the second half of Term One with four full weeks of school remaining and plenty of activities to look forward to.

I hope you have had an opportunity to travel into our city at the moment which is proving to be a vibrant space with music festivals, The Fringe and so many things to see and do...

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Fun and Fast

Thu 28 Feb, 2019

Junior Blasters teaches students of all abilities how to bat, bowl field and catch through exciting game-based activities with friends.

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