Learning / Wellbeing

We encourage an understanding of global awareness in an ever changing world.

At Star of the Sea, we are strongly committed to providing the best education for your child.

Fundamental principles that underpin learning at Star of the Sea include relationships, connected learning, innovative thinking, identity and a commitment to formative, engaging, life-long and life-wide learning.

How your child will learn

At Star of the Sea, we encourage teaching practices that are well researched and that are flexible, innovative and creative so that we can cater for the different learning styles and needs of each student.

We desire to develop self-directed, self-motivated learners who are encouraged to question, explore and discover using an inquiry approach to learning.

Your child will learn to collaborate with others, find answers and propose new ways of thinking as they build their knowledge and understanding.

What your child will learn

Star of the Sea School is situated in a unique beach setting and provides an exceptional educational experience for boys and girls from Reception to Year 6.

We believe that curriculum must be holistic and meaningful; this means we seek ways to support the academic, spiritual, physical, and the social and emotional development of all our children.